20 Apr 2014 Fixing Helvellyn

HELICOPTER stone drops are needed to repair one of the Lake District's most iconic routes.

Work on the path from Striding Edge to Helvellyn's 950m summit depends on a chopper delivery, which will take place on a day between April 23 and May 9.

While April 25 has been earmarked, Lake District National Park management leader, Chris Tomlin, said the exercise was entirely weather dependent.

He explained: "We are not closing the route, but marshals will be in place to stop walkers during the drops. Obviously this is a hugely popular route and we aim to keep disruption to a minimum."

"However, safety is our main priority. The ridge is challenging terrain at the best of times. I'm sure people will understand we have to help protect them and keep the path surface maintained to the best of our ability.

"Countless Lake District paths have fallen victim to millions of boots trampling over them, causing erosion and surface damage. Thanks to Fix the Fells, a charity set up to raise funds for restoration, many are being repaired.

"We are grateful that many who love walking in hills have supported the venture, which is paying for the Striding Edge renovations."

Chris added that due to fast changing summit weather conditions, it was not possible give specific dates and times for the helicopter drops.

"It's literally a case of seizing the opportunity when it presents itself within the given timescale," he added.

Further information about Fix the Fells is on www.fixthefells.co.uk