25th January 2011  Walna Scar Road saved again

In June last year the Walna Scar Road was opened to all traffic as the result of a judgement by an independent inspector appointed by the Secretary of State.  This meant that cars and motorbikes could use it despite the obvious damage and disruption to walkers and others.  However, following an appeal, and after a lengthy discussion about the historical evidence and the effect of modern day legislation, the LDNPA Rights of Way Committee has agreed that the route is a restricted byway, which means only walkers, horse riders, cyclists and pony and trap drivers will legally be able to use the route.

The national park will now advertise their decision and the public will have between 10 February and 1 April to object, which would then result in the matter being referred to the independent planning inspectorate.

Meanwhile, it remains illegal to use the route with a motorbike or four wheel drive vehicle.