23rd March 2009 Repairing Striding Edge

 The Lake District National Park have sent out a Press Release to announce they are going to repair Striding Edge.


Vital repairs to a premier Lake District high-level route will safeguard fragile arctic alpine wildlife and restore the iconic landscape.

Work is due to start on the steep rocky face leading from renowned Striding Edge up to Helvellyn’s summit on 20 April. Although the route will not be closed, numbers on the 100m ascent will be briefly restricted during helicopter stone drops.

Richard Fox, of the Lake District Fix the Fells project, said every effort was being made to keep disruption to a minimum.

He explained: “This is one of our busiest high fell paths, attracting tens of thousands of walkers every year.

“Although the £10,000 pre-emptive repairs will last four or five weeks, the stone drops are only likely on a couple of days. We will be suggesting people take one of the alternate routes to the summit, or wait a short while until they can safely continue.

“We know how well-loved Striding Edge is and don’t want to inconvenience people more than we have to. However, the path’s popularity has led to significant ecological and safety problems.

“People see the steep headwall and look for less strenuous ways up to the summit. New trails have been created. They might look easier but, in fact, lead to potentially dangerous areas of sheer rock face.

“Not only are people putting themselves at risk, they are threatening precious and endangered flora. The rare alpine mouse-ear has now disappeared altogether from the area to be restored.

“Red Tarn’s rare white Schelly fish - which date back to the Ice Age 12,000 years ago – are also facing a bleak future as loose soil from these unofficial tracks is clogging up their spawning ground.”

Richard said the Fix the Fells project had to remedy an “untenable situation” but would cause as little disturbance as possible. Notices will be put up around Helvellyn’s access points and car parks and marshals will be on hand during helicopter drops.

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